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Watch Me Grow {Bailey}

Little Bailey is four months, she was so good at looking at the camera – in almost every shot – I must be pretty exciting :) haha

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Bump + Baby {Nikolai}

Renee arrived for her bump session with some pretty exciting news… her midwife thought baby might be making an early arrival and wanted to meet Renee at the hospital that afternoon. So  our relaxing morning of hair, makeup, chocolate, strawberries sparkling grape juice and of course a photo session would have to be ecellerated before Renee’s bump turned into a baby.

We decided to skip on hair and I ate most of the chocolate while Hayley applied Renee’s makeup & lashes to her already gorgeous face. The Photo shoot couldn’t have gone any smoother, with Renee so excited about the impending arrival ,her expression was absolutely beautiful in every frame, in fact the hardest bit was blowing her hair perfectly and manually focusing the 50mm during backlit shots while suffering my first lot of hayfever this year – YAY for telfast… as being able to see really is key when you’re a photographer LOL.

After the shoot I resisted emailing Renee asking if baby was here for a whole 24 hours – didn’t want to seem like a weirdo.
But as it turned out it was a false alarm, baby wanted to stay nice and warm in Renee’s tummy for a little longer…. Although not as long as expected as 8 days later I had GUESS WHAT email from Renee, baby Nikolai arrived two weeks early on the 28th of November… isn’t he beautiful.

I think he is really happy to be here… especially in my studio LOL

At just ten days old he is just the most inquisitive little guy, content with lying on a snugly rug just staring at me while I waited for him to go to sleep.

I was worried I was going to have to wait quite some time but i found his magic button… If i gently rubbed in between his eyes and down his nose 1000 times he went to sleep… and then we made pictures together.

I can’t tell you how special it is to photograph a woman while pregnant & then to see her with her baby, I don’t think I will ever get over that, its just magic. Renee is an amazing mum and so in love with her little man.

We were all so proud of Pete.. taking extreme risks for his sons photos… You have NO IDEA how close he came to getting pooed on… LOL it would  have been all my fault too as I forgot to tell him to bring an extra shirt just in case. But I hope you think the risk was worth it Pete, I love these images of you guys I know Renee will too, my favourite images are always of my husband with my children.

Isn’t that just the coolest – a brand new little family…

Thanks so much guys for bringing him into the studio, it really does mean a lot to Hayley and I getting to know the both of you during this freaken awesome time… Hope you get some sleep tonight!! to see more, click through to your gallery

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Three boys at the BEACH!

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Protected: Beach Session :)

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Amanda’s Bump

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